A ski getaway with friends

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Dontcha just love Fridays??? I always get a boost knowing I have a fun, relaxing weekend right within reach. I’ve been trying to bounce back from a cold/flu that’s taking forever to shake off. Super jazzed to get some extra rest this weekend and hopefully at least one good workout.

I spent the last weekend skiing with friends at Holiday Valley in New York. Note the pic of me with my best blondes. 🙂
And one with the hubby.
Unfortunately, one of my friends had to jet out early because she got a call that her grandma was in the hospital and they were going to have to say their final goodbyes. It got me thinking that those of us who still have our grandparents are the LUCKIEST sons-of-a-guns in the world…my own Nunny, who is sassy and fantastic, is one of the greatest women I have ever known.
And so, a big hug to my friend who did lose her grandma, and a big virtual hug to all of you who don’t have yours anymore. May we always remember how BLESSED we are to have Gram & Gramps in our lives (even if it was for a short time.)


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