Demolition, Heavy lifting

Demolition Days

I hate dust.  Like…really, really hate it.

We’re basically ripping the house down to the studs and starting the renovation from there.


We had to pull down the ceiling to see which way the joists run because we’re going to move the stairs, and we have to make sure we don’t move anything that’s structural.  Trying to keep the house from falling in on us and staying alive is priority NUMERO UNO.

Every time we pulled down a ceiling tile, a huge cloud of black dust would fall over us…


It’s not asbestos…we had that checked.

You know how your family will always help you do the stuff that no one else will, like moving??  Well, it turns out they’ll help you renovate too…and they’ll do it for free.


But I will be buying them lots of pizza and beer.  It’s only fair.


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  1. Joey Boombotze says:

    I think it’s really cool that ur renovating ur new home that’s awesome . Courtney ur the coolest girl . And really hot . Ur husband is lucky to have a hot cool hottie like u

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