Demolition, Heavy lifting

My hands hurt so badly, it hurts to wash my hair.

For the last five days, I’ve been doing this nonstop…


Chipping plaster that’s been stuck to these bricks since 1850 (our new estimate on when the house was built) is not fun.

Call me a sissy, but these blisters are starting to hurt.


No pain, no gain…right?!

We demo-ed the house for a full five days.  Almost all the plaster is off the brick walls we want to expose.  The upstairs bathroom has been ripped out and the cheese stands alone.  (The cheese in this case is the toilet)


The carpets upstairs are gone and the ceiling is down to expose the joists so our plumber/HVAC/electrical guys can get in there and run some pipe.

I now totally get why people put their homes into “house tours.”  After working so hard on something like this, I want everyone to see what we’re doing!! 🙂


7 thoughts on “My hands hurt so badly, it hurts to wash my hair.

  1. Patty Ricupero says:

    i did the same thing – bought an old house, gutted it, pulled down walls etc… actually it was a lot of fun… Enjoy It – Its Worth It..

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