Heavy lifting

It kinda looks like someone threw up on my wall.

I like exposed brick.  Our house is going to have that modern/industrial vibe, and I think it will look cool.

That said…after chipping off the plaster, some of the brick looks good…

Brick 1

The other half looks like someone threw up on my wall…

Brick 3

Our architect friend thinks this is one of the original Lawrenceville rowhouses that was built back in the 1850’s.  They used this pumpkin-colored brick that’s kind of porous and it really absorbed all the moisture, so the plaster is stuck SUPER HARD TO IT.

Because my chipping isn’t perfect, some of the mortar sticks out between the bricks in a shape that our neighbor likened to boogers…yes, boogers.

Brick 2

Since that is a super gross comparison, we’re going to get some muriatic acid and paint that on.

I’m told that will help get rid of some of the leftover mortar.   Any other suggestions???  You can leave one by clicking “leave a comment/comments” on the upper left hand corner near the title.  Thanks!



6 thoughts on “It kinda looks like someone threw up on my wall.

  1. Doug says:

    not really you will be able to see it and how It works ive done it before depends on how much you push it . we did it and then clear coated the brick in someones kitchen before .

  2. step 1 – chip as much as you can. step 2 – 6″ cupped wire wheel (not braided – that will grind the brick itself) to remove the rest of the plaster. step 3 – pressure wash. the brick will soak up excess water. step 4 – 2 coats of diamond vox water based sealer (for natural, not gloss)

    good luck 🙂

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