Awesome finds

We haven’t found gold, but we did find these…

Everyone thinks that when they demo an old house, they’re going to find money and piles of gold in some secret, hidden passageway.

Each time I swing the hammer, I’m hoping to hit the jackpot. (Hasn’t happened yet)

We did find some old newspapers that were stuck in the brick…a couple of old wallpaper sheets that covered the fireplace (who wallpapers a fireplace?!)…and a really nasty rug that covered part of the bathroom floor (I will you spare you the details on that.)

We also found this GEM…


An old Channel 11 magnet with Peggy, David and Chris Long – how great is this?!

I’d say my co-workers looked good back then and look even better now! I guess we were meant to get the house…I take this magnet as sort of an omen. 🙂


8 thoughts on “We haven’t found gold, but we did find these…

  1. Cindy Manza says:

    That really is an awesome sign to show you that you’re right where you should be!! Here in the Burg!! Walked the floors w/my children many a evening with those 3!! I wonder where Kris Long is now?

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