Why. Grandmas. Rock.

I don’t think my 83-year-old Nunny really “gets” why we would want to live in a narrow rowhouse in Lawrenceville when we could get a normal-sized house in the suburbs with a 2 car garage.

Every time I show her a picture like this…


She kind of gets a look on her face that says her inner monologue is going “Ewwwwwwww!”

That said, my Nunny is a saint and she wants to be supportive.

Since ripping down walls, sawing through pipes and scraping off plaster is a bit much for her, she did the next best thing….


Nunny gave us our FIRST housewarming gift. It’s a beautiful painting she did herself…my husband almost cried when she gave it to him. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Why. Grandmas. Rock.

  1. Lannette Reese says:

    Wow – what I neat housewarming gift and a nice way to remember her. I have a painting from my great-aunt. I didn’t inherit any artistics talent from any of my relatives. When getting items for your rowhouse have you considered getting recycled items at Construction Junction.

    • I feel like the painting is an heirloom – we were so excited to get! Thanks for suggesting Construction Junction…we’ve only been there once and didn’t find anything, but we should go back soon.

  2. Cindy Manza says:

    What a wonderful gift to receive! My father was an artist and I’m so blessed to have this piece of him, silently hanging on our walls. They say so much to me when I look at them everyday & it puts a smile on my face always! You’ll do the same thing when you look at her “masterpiece.” Family is wonderful, cherish every moment with them!! Thanks for the blog, it’s fun following you with your construction!!

    • Thank you Cindy! I think you’re absolutely right about my grandma’s masterpiece…I can’t wait until we’re done remodeling so I can put it up! Artists are special people and it sounds like your dad was a special guy. Thanks for reading the blog! 🙂

  3. pat childs says:

    Construction Junction is a hit or miss…except when it comes to sinks…they have oodles of them. and blackboard/slate pieces…which could be utilized in a number of cool ways…if only one can figure out where….

    • The first time we went we didn’t really see anything we liked. I guess you’re right about it being hit or miss. We’ll have to go back…I work with a couple of guys who’ve gotten some cool pieces from there.

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