Awesome finds

Treasures in an old house & whiskey. Yes, whiskey.

We uncover little things every day. Actually, some of the things aren’t so little…


That is my mammoth freezer. It’s so old, it has drawers. Check it out…


Next to my insanely large freezer is my equally enormous fridge.


It is also really old, really LOUD and it’s a power hog.

They’re kinda cool but they’re too big for our narrow kitchen and so my friend, Abby, is going to take the fridge and we’re working on someone else to take the freezer.

Here’s one thing I’m not giving away…


We found this old wooden drawer made out of whiskey crates in our basement.


Why does my finger look so old and wrinkly?!! Anyway, there’s a bunch of handmade work benches and tables down there…whoever owned the house, waayyyyy back when, built these drawers and used whatever materials they had handy.


I guess our previous, previous, previous owner REALLY liked a stiff drink. (And I will need one when we finally finish). Cheers!

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7 thoughts on “Treasures in an old house & whiskey. Yes, whiskey.

  1. Pat says:

    Oh my…we have a connection with the Overholts…in case you are interested…And Abby told me about the refrig. I am very excited for her! I work with her at the museum.

    Pat Childs


    • I love Abby! And I love your museum. 🙂 I might reach out to you and ask you to help us connect with the Overholts once we’re done with the major renovations. Thanks for reading the blog!

  2. Dave - @rhodes21 says:

    Love the blog! My wife and I just became addicted to a show called Rehab Addict (on I think TLC) and this blog kinda reminds me of that show. Good the pics

    • Thanks Dave!! My husband and I are ADDICTED to that show!! I think we watched a few too many and convinced ourselves we could actually do this!

  3. Keith Sniadach says:

    Hi Ms. Courtney!
    I work for a guy who flips houses — well, actually he buys them, we renovate them and then he rents them out. I almost always find coins behind the baseboards in all the houses during demo. Not sure why. (Maybe people had dressers against the wall, threw their change and it slid down the wall and landed behind the baseboards) I’ve found some really old coins too, so keep an eye out. I’ve also found some really old stuff like silverware and other odds and ends that I’ve sold on Craigslist too.
    Also, a little tip — not sure if you guys are already doing this, but if you are buying a ton of building material — wood, flooring, paint, plaster etc… from somewhere like Home Depot or Lowe’s, go to Giant Eagle or Shop n’ Save and buy a gift card for those places instead of spending the money directly at Lowe’s or Home Depot. That way you get the fuel perks for money you’re already going to be spending.

    • Hi Keith! Thanks for reading! 🙂 We are buying our Home Depot/Lowes gift cards at Giant Eagle and I’m LOVING the fuel perks!! Please send any tips you have my way…I’m always looking for advice and help!

      • Keith S. says:

        I’ll follow along and definitely share/offer tips when I can Courtney. I love DIY shows and saw your earlier post regarding Rehab Addict. Nicole is on my FB friend list btw! So, your blog is right up my alley. I love seeing the before/after pics on projects.
        I help out part-time doing the demo, paint etc… when I’m between my own projects (I’m an author/screenwriter). It gets me out of the house and off the computer for a change of pace and I love it in the summer! lol. But really my specialty is landscaping. I love watching all the DIY shows too, especially Yard Crashers! I have a 26-acre property with cabin in northern Butler County to maintain so they always have great tips on those shows.
        Good luck with everything!

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