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Our 1st freak out.

Normally, my husband and I are calm, cool and collected. We’ve got our little routine down pat and life is just rolling along.

And then, one day, everything went wrong and I became a CRAZY WOMAN and Mark had to drink like 20 beers.

The dumpster guy came and took our dumpster early…


We had the lumber delivered and it started pouring down rain…


We had a day dedicated to working on the house and then we both had to go to our real jobs at the last minute…


(Not sure why I’m making that face, but I’m about to say something important…let’s go with that.)

And my new obsession with eating donuts while renovating resulted in me gaining 2 pounds. (don’t judge…I can’t help that it bothers me)


Mark’s professional life is really busy right now, and since he’s doing most of the work we’re a bit behind schedule. To be honest, we both are a little overwhelmed…we only have 24 more days before we’re supposed to move in.

When I get like this there’s only one thing to do…CALL MOM. And my mom proceeded to tell me that this is a journey and a process, and if we didn’t finish on time it was no big deal. We can always crash at her house and she will feed us. (But no donuts)

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4 thoughts on “Our 1st freak out.

  1. Sonny says:

    Wow, seems like a hell of a lot of work to be finished in such a short period of time. Lean on Mom and Dad for help. That’s what their there for. BTW. Love the red dress you have on for the channel 11 news at 1

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