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There is a HUGE hole in my ceiling.

Oh, hey there! Don’t mind us…we’re just hanging out. 🙂


We are getting ready to move the stairs, but first we had a lot of cutting to do…

photo 1

All those first floor ceiling joists had to come out…

photo 2

Look how much light shines down from the top back bedroom!! This made me very excited that we’ll have some nice light shining on our new staircase.

Mark did all the cutting by himself late one night (which kinda makes me nervous but he says it’s fine) and prepped that part of the house for the BIG job coming up next…


It took a full day and a half to put in support beams and joist holders so the house doesn’t fall in on us…that will be a full blog post in itself!! For now, I’ll just leave you with a look ALL THE HOLES in my second floor…you really have to watch where you step!


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2 thoughts on “There is a HUGE hole in my ceiling.

  1. cindy manza says:

    Isn’t is great when you have a smart AND handsome husband? I have one too! Bless their hearts! <3 (P.S. I show my husband every once in a while a pic or two of your demolition…he smiles and says, "better him than me!" lol!)

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