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I finally know what a “joist” is.

I’ll be honest with you…my “home improvement vocabulary” is limited. I know what a hammer, saw and drywall are…but outside of the most basic tools, I’m pretty clueless.

That is extremely frustrating for my husband who will say “Grab me that socket wrench.” And I kinda stare at the toolbox for a few minutes and then he says “Grab the silver thingy with the tube thing on the end.”


Finally…a language I can understand.

In spite of the language barrier, I’m going to explain how we did our ceiling joist work. First, we had to attach support LVL beams to 2 current joists.


My dad helped wedge it into a knotch in the brick wall.


A header beam was added for support since we cut the ceiling open and away from the wall.


We used joist hangers to make the beams flush.


Flush…that’s another word…I thought it was only used in poker.

Maybe this is how Mark feels when I try to talk to him about moisturizing creams, cleansers and shellac nails. 🙂

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