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Unless the shower is made of gold, I’m not paying $1600 for it.

There are many uses for the HU-MUN-GOUS hole in my ceiling.


For one, we’ll be able to hoist our new shower unit up to the second floor. We ripped out the old bathroom and are building a new bathroom in a different location.


We were going to buy the above GELCOAT shower from Lowe’s. And then our plumber told us to buy ACYRLIC because it doesn’t yellow over time and is all around better.


We did a price comparison and our gelcoat shower is around $450 while the acyrlic is $1600. I love my shower time as much as the next person, but $1600??? There is no way on God’s green earth I’m spending that much on a shower.


Then we thought of another problem…what if we have a BABY in this house?? Babies LOVE bath time and so we should probably get a tub. Now, we’re on a mission to find a four foot tub at Construction Junction.

If we don’t find a tub, we’ll just hose the kid off in the backyard. (Just kidding, Mom) 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Unless the shower is made of gold, I’m not paying $1600 for it.

  1. John Williams says:

    Love the daily posts. Amazing how much work you two have done. Always excited for the next day update!!! Ridiculousness lol


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