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Our VERY IMPORTANT orange notebook

This trusty orange book basically holds every detail our life right now.


I guess it’s more of a butternut squash color. Anyway, we use it to track our expenses. We write down how many hours we work on the house each day…


Our crew is small, but dedicated!! We also put in where we buy breakfast, lunch and how many adult beverages we purchase. 🙂


Before we started this project we did 2 things…DESIGN and BUDGET. I already shared with you Mark’s awesome designs (if you missed it, CLICK HERE) and our budget is something we watch VERY CAREFULLY.

We also save every receipt…EVERY SINGLE ONE. This was my husband’s habit before we bought the house (I think it’s totally weird) and it’s carried over into this project…

But my mom (our accountant) says those receipts will be great to have for tax breaks…THAT’S ALL I NEEDED TO HEAR!

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4 thoughts on “Our VERY IMPORTANT orange notebook

  1. Tricia says:

    Hope your buying gift cards and using the fuel perks!! If you can do that and still get a tax write off 🙂

  2. Trudy says:

    You know how they say “you marry your dad” ….. I think you may have done that…with ONE (actually TWO) BIGGIES – construction/design….but the recordkeeping…um….scary….but I love you both and it is awesome and awesome-ly impressive!

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