Family, Heavy lifting

Happy wife. Happy life.

I’ve never considered myself “high maintenance.”


My sister can attest that I’d rather go makeup free. As a kid, I was a TOTAL tomboy who couldn’t be bothered with makeup or hair dryers.

That has since changed because HD television can be very unkind…who would have ever thought PRIMER, TONER and BRONZER would be part of my vocabulary?!


While I really love getting all grungy and dirty with this home improvement project, I’m craving some “me” time.

Mark is somehow able to work on the house for hours on end, day after day…but I still need time to go to spin class…


Get a mani/pedi…


And watch the Real Housewives of Orange County.


I kinda feel guilty that I’m “wasting” this time on something other than our house.

But we all need to keep our sanity, right? And I’m pretty sure the saying is true…”Happy wife, happy life.” 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Happy wife. Happy life.

  1. robert shamonsky says:

    Courtney I’m sure mark feels like it’s his job to build that house but at same point loves having you help him as for me and my wife with our home so point being is i sure know he understands that’s what makes you guys a team

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