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Won’t you be my neighbor?

Everybody knows that neighbors can make or break you.

We got lucky (my mom would say blessed) to have absolutely terrific neighbors who are kind, helpful and friendly.

Many of them grew up in Lawrenceville and a few of them are young families that just moved in.

Our neighbors have made us sandwiches while we work…


They’ve helped us TRY to move some huge appliances into the house (more on that later)…


They’ve passed a few cold ones through the fence on a hot Saturday…


And they don’t get mad when we have a second dumpster delivered.


One of life’s perks is having awesome neighbors who look out for you and your home. I think my mom is right…the Man Upstairs plopped us right in the middle of some really great people. πŸ™‚

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4 thoughts on “Won’t you be my neighbor?

  1. Kristen Mulvihill says:

    Happy Hump Day, lol. I know I’ve told u this before but I love following ur blog. And I agree w/ur mom & u about neighbors. U will love it! We have great neighbors & it makes it so much better. Since I haven’t been able to have kids which I really want…I look after my elderly neighbor almost everyday & some of this kids. And of course send u pics of my niece all the time, can’t help myself. Lol. Keep up all the great work!!

    • What a great aunt and neighbor you are!! That’s what life’s about, right?? Taking care of the people we love and spreading joy while we do it! πŸ™‚

  2. Marlee says:

    Hi Courtney (and Mark!)

    My dad passed on the link to your blog from Auntie Ellen, and I have to say it’s been such a fun read! Looks like you’ve made some serious progress and I’m excited to see the finished result and your design choices too.

    I recently started working for Home Depot in the corporate head office in Toronto and I was pumped to see some Home Depot receipts in an earlier post πŸ™‚ hope they’ve been treating you well!

    All the best with the rest of the reno and keep those posts coming! I hope to be lucky enough to do something like this one day – it’ll be so rewarding to come home to a place that you’ve literally made your own, very cool.

    Cheers from cousin Marlee from Canada πŸ™‚

    • Hey lady — so nice to hear from you!!! Sounds like things are going well for you…we love Home Depot!! Thanks for following the blog! πŸ™‚

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