When you live with mom and dad…

You will never run out of forks…


Or spoons…


I’m not sure if my parents are cutlery hoarders or secretly feeding a small army when I’m at work. I think there’s an army…take a look at all the cups…


Y’all know Mark and I are crashing with my folks until we get the new bathroom & floors in our Larryville house. While I love living with them, I’m constantly reminded of how awkward I was when I was younger…


I seriously need to give my mom and dad some grandkids, so we can take all these ridiculous photos of me off the walls…


And fridge.


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4 thoughts on “When you live with mom and dad…

  1. Andrea says:

    That is adorable, and yes you are right, as soon as you have kids your pictures will be replaced. It hurts your feelings a little but it is worth having the silly pics off the walls ( and fridge 😉 )


  2. Dr. Tom says:

    Having a cutlery collection MUST be a generational thing. Since I am about the same age as your parents, I have a SPOON collection from: Duquesne Club, University Club, PAA, The Colony,ETC. I guess we are all Spoontomaniacs!


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