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We have a leak. Actually, we have 3.

It rained like a dickens in Pittsburgh last weekend and our roof couldn’t handle it.


Mark made me hold that bucket there for four hours. What a guy! 😉
As the rain continued, we grabbed more plastic buckets from the basement.


Our roof leaks in 3 places in the back bedroom. I’m not happy about it, but at least we know where the holes are and we can fix them before we spray foam insulation.


Mark then got worried and went up in the attic to see if we had any leaks. So far, so good…maybe we’ll just hang out up there…we’re totally short enough to fit. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “We have a leak. Actually, we have 3.

  1. Tom Adamchik says:

    You need to check all the roofing nails in the attic for rust. If rusty water is getting in. Also have all your gutters cleaned this will stop them from overflowing. No I am not a roofer but did remodel a lot of homes.

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