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The beauty of a Pittsburgh toilet

If you’re from Pittsburgh, you totally know what I’m talking about.

For those of you who are foreigners 🙂 the Pittsburgh toilet is a very strange phenomenon of a free standing toilet in the BASEMENT with no walls or doors to speak of.


To be honest with you, I think Pittsburgh toilets are weird and gross. And then, a few days ago while working on the house, I needed to go to the bathroom. You’ll remember we ripped out the bathroom several weeks ago…


And so, I went down to the basement and used the Pittsburgh toilet which I now have a new affinity for. An added bonus…


Our Pittsburgh toilet has a pencil sharpener next to it, because everyone knows you need a sharp pencil when filling out crossword puzzles on the can! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “The beauty of a Pittsburgh toilet

  1. colonialrehab says:

    This is hilarious, we too have these in Maine and as a real estate agent I have seen several, but my favorite had a phone installed beside it! 😉

  2. These have a great story behind them you know. As you have learned/ are still learning Pittsburgh is a phenominal town with rich, beautiful and cultural history. The Pittsburgh toilet began like this: Picture you home in the coal mining and heavy boat shipping days. Now knowing how dirty you guys are getting, think of how dirty those guys were when they came home. With that said Think of how a beautiful home can be destroyed by those coal foot prints…. enter the basement doors and the pittsburgh toilet. The men would come home from work, enter the basement and do their business while they cleaned up inthe sinks down there….. then they had clean clothes and shoes to put on when they went upstairs. Most of the plumbing has been taken out from the free standing showers and tubs ( or re routed to a more convient location). TAAA DAAA the story of the Pittsburgh toilet. Aren’t us Yinzers a great breed…. lol Have a great and blessed day!

  3. Do you know the story of why WE have them? Pittsburgh has many in our FUN little “burgh! The toilet came about with the mining and shipping industry.As you know it can get kida( well ok very) dirty when working in the Dust of things.(hence your pictures of coal miners for halloween). Well imagine your pretty little rowhouse completely put together and immaculate. now imagine your wonderful hubby walking through it with those work boots on!!! UMMM NO!!!! so the Pittsburgh toilet was born. the river workers and miners would enter the house through the basement, do their business and wash up in the wash tub or some had a free standing shower, and then put on clean clothes and join the rest of the family. Totally makes sense now doesnt it!!! lol Us Yinzers are a rare breed. I’m happy your enjoying our City! Peace, Love and BLessings….

  4. Greetings from the other side of the state! Your blog is fun.

    I don’t know if I’ve seen them sitting completely by themselves in Philly, but basement bathrooms are impossible in most of the houses in my neighborhood because the sewer lines come in higher than the basement floors and the ceilings are already low. So a friend of mine has a toilet in a tiny little water closet raised several steps up from the basement floor with like a 4 foot ceiling!

    I went over a year with no toilet, just an open cleanout in the soil pipe I could kneel next to, so I’d have killed for either of these basement oddities. (And don’t worry, I had free housing with my parents the whole time too)

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