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Will my stilettos puncture our floor?

That is the question of the day…will these killer heels put a hole in my new floor?


See all the important things you have to grapple with as an adult?!

We want to put bamboo or cork floors on our second floor. The cork (far right) is definitely softer on our feet, but I seriously think my high heels (and the fact that I walk around like a linebacker) will puncture the cork.


Mark suggested the gray and I wasn’t into it, but then I started seeing all these pictures of homes with gray bamboo flooring and they are FABULOUS!!


I should always just trust my husband. Let’s repeat…I should always just trust my husband! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Will my stilettos puncture our floor?

  1. baronfp02 says:

    If more women would trust there husbands it would be a better world haha I love your blog.. and you too

  2. Only took my wife one year of marriage to trust my judgment on remodeling,….I only did it for a living for 20+ years. Glad to see you’re coming around. BTW, looks like a great job on your remodel.

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