Heavy lifting

The female Russell Crowe

My husband and I have a problem. Every time we rent a dumpster, instead of just throwing away all the construction garbage we have…we start blowing out walls.

The mood struck again and we decided to take off the door leading into the kitchen and blow out the wall next to it.

kitchen 4

The door is pretty cool and we are saving it for an art piece that I’ll tell you about later. 🙂

We got to work with our hammers and sawzall and tore out the wood.

kitchen 2

I think it looks great…our place feels even more OPEN than before. And I will tell you…tearing down walls kinda makes you feel like a gladiator in an action film. Just sayin’.

kitchen 1

Mark then put up his stud walls so we could drywall around it.

kitchen 3

We have a special guest coming this weekend who LOVES to drywall. That’s what his wife told me. 🙂

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