Heavy lifting

We passed inspection!!!

Hallejuah, praise the Lord! Mark and I have been waiting for this day!

The city inspector came and signed off on all the electrical work. That means we can start putting drywall EVERYWHERE. We started with insulation first.


Mark is using Safe’n’Sound for the bathroom. It’s fire resistant and sound proof.

insulation 2

We don’t want everyone hearing our bathroom/shower business and this insulation will absorb all that. When you come over, the only thing you will hear is the sound of my Spotify or NPR. 🙂


The bathroom is almost finished and then we’ll do our bedroom.


Mark put up a metal stud wall and will put foam board insulation in each column. My brother-in-law is leaving his CUSHY corner office job in the Great White North to help us this weekend. We’ll see if he’s cut out for this DIY stuff!

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