Family, Heavy lifting

Love doesn’t make a home…walls do.

You learn something every day. This weekend, I learned that walls have an incredible way of making you feel like you live in a house instead of a construction site.


My new 2nd favorite brother-in-law…(my sister’s husband is #1)…came down from Toronto to help us.


Dave is tall and strong and he doesn’t complain…the 3 best qualities in a man. The Canadian boys put up drywall throughout the entire second floor and only one time did they almost kill themselves.


They had to put the ladder on the stairs then climb up to drywall this portion of the house. The ladder slipped and my husband would have fallen through this hole…


Dave saved the day and caught him but busted up his knee. Now, we owe him one…and I can only imagine what he wants! 🙂

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