Heavy lifting

Brains and brawn

My brother-in-law, Kevin, is the total package.


He’s smart and strong…and he loves my sister, Kelly, A TON so he’s basically a gem in my book.

It’s great having him over because he’s done this kind of renovation work before and he’s a great sounding board for Mark.


The two of them started a pretty big and tedious task…leveling our first floor ceiling.

Part of the charm of these older rowhouses is that they’re crooked. My husband is kind of obsessed with trying to make them straight.


Mark and Kevin started by finding the lowest point in the ceiling and used that as the point of reference…the entire ceiling will be that low.

They then got a six foot level (hello short Courtney!)


Kevin held the level while Mark sistered spacers to the beams. Theoretically, those spacers will make sure the drywall is even.


While they did the grunt work, I went to Trader Joe’s and sang my little heart out…


Is there anything better than the windows down and the music up on a sunny summer day?? I think not!! 🙂

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