Design phase

Meet our designer!

This is Steve Shorthouse.


His resume is wayyyyyy too impressive and long to help us with our little rowhouse, but Steve is also awesome and thinks every project is worthwhile!


We met at our house in Lawrenceville and Steve immediately had like 7 great ideas for furniture placement that Mark and I would never have thought of. Since we’re not ready to buy furniture yet, the conversation moved to paint.


I don’t know who thinks up the names for paint, but hats off to that person. There were like a thousand paint colors in this box. Seriously, “Bermuda onion” — who comes up with that??


Steve taught us that it’s important to look at the paint color sample against the brick and not directly by itself…you get a truer idea of how the color will look in the room.


We want to be pretty neutral with the paint because we’re going for a modern industrial vibe in the house. Steve ordered a bunch of large paint samples that will be sent to us so we can play around with them.

Right now, we really like this color called “Shark.”


I know the name doesn’t sound welcoming, but Mark loves the cool gray undertones. Maybe it’ll give our house the BITE it needs! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Meet our designer!

  1. Beth Readd says:

    I have to say that is has been refreshing watching your home come together. Thank you so much for the blogs! I love getting a new email and seeing athe changes!!!!

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