Heavy lifting

As my Nunny would say, “We were closer to heaven.”

Our roof work took a full two days. We had to run back to the store for more “ice and water shield” and we took our time with the project because we didn’t want to fall off.


As I mentioned before, it was slightly nerve wracking to be that high off the ground but I got used to it (and actually liked it) pretty quickly.

My very wise Nunny would say it was all good because on the roof we were closer to heaven!


After we covered the roof with the waterproof shield, Mark nailed down the edges.


He then took a bucket of tar to close up all the edges and to seal the nailheads so no water will seep through there.


We were pretty proud of ourselves by the end.


To make it even better, look what we found on the top of one of our chimneys!


My parents say it’s an old Pittsburgh bus route sign. The previous homeowner used it to cover the top of the chimney. We want to take it down and use it as art piece — isn’t it cool?!

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2 thoughts on “As my Nunny would say, “We were closer to heaven.”

  1. cindy manza says:

    So cute! My husband & I are enjoying the progress with your home!! Been there~done that!(and still doing…lol!)

    The bus route sign is AWESOME!! Do get it cleaned up and display as art!

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