Heavy lifting

60 is the new 40

60 is the new 40. My parents talk, walk, move, laugh, work and paint as if they were newlyweds and this is their first house.


The only difference is when we go home, they fall on the floor and go to bed almost right away. 🙂

Nevertheless, they are a GODSEND during this priming/painting process because guess what…I HATE painting. I try to look like I’m having fun in the pictures.


But I am NOT having fun. Mark and my dad like it wayyyyyy more than me. My favorite part is lunch.


If you live in Pittsburgh, you know about the Greek food festival that happens every year at the church across from LaRoche College.


The food is TO. DIE. FOR. Greek fries aka fries with feta…heaven on earth.


After stuffing our faces, we got back to the task at hand…priming the second floor.


Mark’s portion requires extra skill because, as you can see, he’s up on a ladder to do it.


OSHA would probably not approve of this set up, so please don’t report us. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “60 is the new 40

  1. Your parents seem like they’re so awesome! I hate painting, too! My husband and I just got married this summer and moved into a home. We were so blessed that my father-in-law did some painting for us while we were on our honeymoon!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Greek food. I bet feta on fries tastes amazing 🙂

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