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The Boys’ Club

In my family, the number of women have always outweighed the number of men.


My poor dad…even our cat, Peachy, was female! Now that Mark and my brother-in-law, Kevin, are part of the family they’ve helped even things out. 🙂

3 guys

The last few weekends have been pretty “male heavy” at our Lawrenceville rowhouse. Lucky for me, these men ARE. DA. BOMB.

Mark and Kevin rented this lift and used it to put the drywall on the first floor ceiling.


Drywall sheets are heavy, but these two make it look easy.


They measured each piece of drywall and cut it perfectly. Then, my hubby used his HUGE arm muscles (love ya, babe!) to crank that sucker up to the ceiling.


After a few hours last Saturday and Sunday, they were finished.


The ceiling is even and PERFECT…couldn’t ask for more!


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