Heavy lifting

The Tintmaster

We asked our favorite person (Jonathan at Westmoreland Supply) to help us find a stain for our doors.


We brought along one of our bathroom drawers as a comparison.

After trying to find an espresso color, Jonathan decided he needed to add a slight violet tint to the current stain so that it would be a perfect match.


Using an old school-looking machine thing (yes, that’s its proper name) Jonathan added a very small dose of color.


He tested it on a paint stick then brought out a tool that I am VERY familiar with!! 🙂


After a few tries, Jonathan got the right shade. We went home and tried it out right away.


Using old rags, we blended the stain into the door using our fingers.

We took a break when our Lawrenceville friends came over.


It’s rude to not help them finish off a perfectly good six pack.

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