Heavy lifting

Those last little (and annoying) things

Folks, we are nearing the end…SOUND the trumpets!!!

Let me clarify…we are almost finished with the upstairs. (We still have to do the entire downstairs, kitchen and backyard patio. I will be writing this blog for the next 50 years.)


I told you we painted that “Shark” color on our walls. We decided to paint the trim “Gypsum.”

Painting trim is still annoying, but it’s way LESS annoying than painting the walls and ceilings. While I worked on that, Mark put the door handles on the doors.


He also started putting our bathroom furniture and accessories together.


The sink fit perfectly until we tried to open the vanity drawer. We then realized we forgot to allow room for the door’s trim work, so the drawer would only open about an inch.

Frustrating…but not the worst thing. We moved the sink closer to the shower by an inch and viola…drawer opens just fine. The bathroom is really starting to come together.


I can’t believe it took us SIX MONTHS to renovate the upstairs. When we bought the house, we told all our friends it would only take THREE MONTHS to renovate the ENTIRE HOUSE.

We must have been certifiably insane.

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6 thoughts on “Those last little (and annoying) things

  1. Debbie says:

    High five to you both. Having full time jobs and doing 90% of the work by yourselves, I say you both are doing an awesome job. Also this is my first yes my first and only blog to follow!!!

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