Good Genes

Sooooo many people have asked me, “How does your husband know how to do all of these renovations?!”

Here’s the answer…the handsome Dutch man leaning on the brick fireplace taught the handsome Dutch man in the blue shirt everything he knows.


Add in this lovely lady and that’s how Mark got his know how.


When my husband’s parents were newly married, they bought a fixer upper in Toronto and did exactly what we’re doing.

They blew out walls and ripped up floors and completely overhauled the rooms.

I think some of those renovation skills were passed down to Mark through DNA. My father-in-law is a handy guy with a can-do attitude. His son is the spitting image of him.

And so, here we are…


3 Canadians and the American girl who weaseled her way into this DIY family. 🙂

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