Heavy lifting

You’ve got to be kidding me!!

With move-in day approaching, Courtney’s “Bucket of Boom” (that made an appearance during our demolition phase) became my cleaning bucket.


Yuck. The dirt and dust in certain parts of our house was pretty thick. Now, it smells like lemon and lavender Mr. Clean. I’m pretty sure I killed a few brain cells with the fumes.


While I cleaned, Mark used the nail gun to put up the last pieces of trim work around the doors. Then we called U-Haul and my brother-in-law.


After Mark and Kevin moved our ridiculously heavy closet out of my parents’ house and into our rowhouse, we couldn’t clear the ceiling above the stairs. The closet was too wide by a centimeter…maybe a half a centimeter.


If we didn’t laugh, we’d cry…so we left it where it was and went to the Round Corner Cantina for cocktails.


Nothing a sangria and Dos Equis can’t fix.


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3 thoughts on “You’ve got to be kidding me!!

  1. Terry says:

    Bwahahaha oh ya we had the same problem, We had to cut the ceiling out with a chain saw which was the only thing that would cut through the petrified wood and when everything was up stairs I fashioned a section of ceiling to put back in that could be removed if we decided to change or move something upsatirs


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