Heavy lifting

There are bicycles in my kitchen!

My husband and I are really onto something…


Instead of just using your bikes on the roads and trails, you can also use them as stools at your kitchen table!


This is uncharted territory folks…pretty soon, they’re going to invite us to speak at TED Talks. (Totally kidding)


Most of our furniture is in the house. You can really tell that I have an eye for placing things in just. the. right. spot.


We’re hoping to get everything set up in the next few days. We do have one room COMPLETELY finished. Take a look…


I’m so happy because the bathroom doesn’t feel small or cramped, even with everything in there.


Mark did an AMAZING JOB. Sometimes he can’t even believe it…he says it just looks like the bathroom was always here and always looked this way.


I think because he’s been working on the house nonstop for the last 6 months, it’s hard for him to step back and see where we started and what he made it into.

My heart is bursting with pride! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “There are bicycles in my kitchen!

  1. Congratulations! It’s been fun watching your “journey” albeit from afar (Punxsutawney). Would love to see your place sometime; I hope you’ll post lots of photos of the finished product. Well done!


  2. Lorraine Benninghoff says:

    Courtney and Mark, you are a DIY PHENOMENON. Your home is gorgeous. It looks like you had a battalion of home specialists doing all the work. OK how do I hire you both?


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