Heavy lifting, Moving In

I’m on TV…but not this kind of TV.

When you watch a lot of TV and you’re on TV, the placement of the television is very important.


We have to decide this now before Mark closes up the wall. And so, we made a cardboard TV. I know, I know…our skills are astounding.


Our TV will be on a “swing arm” that attaches to the wall, so we need to put the right support beams in place.

This is another moment where I ask the question…how did we ever function without Google? We searched “what is the correct height to hang a TV?” Our answer came from cnet.com


The tech experts at CNET say the TV should be at eye level…seated eye level. They say to measure the height from the floor to the eyeballs of your seated viewing public. Then, subtract the height of the TV stand. So, if I have a 22-inch TV stand, as long as the height of the TV from its base to the center of its screen is less than 16 inches, I’m all set.

Mark and I measured the height of each other’s eyeballs and put the cardboard TV at that height.


We liked it.


Wall closed in and all ready to go!


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