Baby stuff is WAY more fun than house stuff

My husband went to Toronto this past weekend to hang out with his brothers, and so (naturally) I did absolutely no work on our house and just hung out with my sister.


Kelly is in her second trimester. I went with her and her husband on their first trip to buy baby stuff. Kelly literally fits in the crib she will put her child in.


There were SOOOO many crib choices. This one looks like a pink glitter fairy exploded…


Another pink fairy exploded here too…


Before leaving, I made sure everyone in the store knew how excited I am about my little niece or nephew.


The only person MORE excited than me is my mom. She keeps telling us that she is going to take the baby EVERYWHERE. I think my mom might make the baby might live with her instead of Kelly and Kevin.


Kidding 🙂

Kelly’s BABY blog:

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2 thoughts on “Baby stuff is WAY more fun than house stuff

  1. Kim Titus says:

    I’ll never forget the day my sister told me she was pregnant, it’s a joy of lying sister have it feels like it was yesterday. 21 years later and I still that joy when I see my niece.

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