Happy wife = happy life

Today’s Thanksgiving blog is a guest post from my husband. I am VERY THANKFUL for him and all of his handy ways. You have all seen that Mark is a master renovator…he’s not so bad with words either.

Here’s Mark…

This Thanksgiving, it’s not lost on me that most wives would not allow their living rooms to become storage sheds.


Or a wood shop.


Most women would not want to spend their weekends wearing a mask, getting dirty and doing manual labor.


I don’t think there are a lot of girls who could tear down walls, strip old doors and sand wood floors, and then jump in the shower and run and do this…


So, as we start the 8th month of our 2 month renovation project (whoops)…I would like to give thanks for my wife’s endless patience and understanding. (Most of the time.)

This thanksgiving (and every day of the week and month and year) I am reminded of how blessed (and lucky) I am that I found her…LOVE YOU BABY!!


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5 thoughts on “Happy wife = happy life

  1. Awesome post!
    Nice to hear from Mark finally too and get a guy’s perspective! lol.
    Both of you are doing such a great job (actually you’re whole family) and the blog is such a great touch in documenting the life you two are building together.
    Just awesome and I hope you guys continue even after the house is done.

  2. frank baron says:

    You are special people to live like that temporarily because you know it will be a special place soon for 2 special people.happy thanksgiving Courtney n your family. ..lots of love.

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