Moving In

Lazy Mofos

We. Are. 2. Lazy. Mofos.

For real.


For months now, Mark and I have been feeling SO GOOD about our DIY home renovations. I write this blog and show all of you wonderful people how we’re just killing it in the remodeling department.

How far the mighty have fallen.


I don’t know if we’re burned out or what, but the last 4 weekends have been mostly spent in bed binge-watching “Entourage.” (Amazing.)


Mark tries to accomplish little things. He’s swept the downstairs floor like 30 times.

And our front door is almost finished. Almost.


We’re heading into Christmas, and from now until January 6th we are (HAPPILY) booked with parties and get-togethers and family gatherings.

Our living situation might have to stay this way until the new year.

Ehhhh…we have pretty high tolerance anyway. 🙂

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