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Shame works wonders

A public shaming can work wonders.

In my last blog, I lifted the veil and revealed that the hubs and I would rather sit and watch TV than finish our downstairs.

There was no hidden meaning…it was only a truth I was sharing with the universe.

Mark took it as a dig, and he’s been working on the downstairs like a mad man ever since.

Totally fine by me. 🙂

Several months ago, we told you about this old elevator door we found that used to be in a mill in Lawrenceville.


Mark decided it should hang from the ceiling with LED light strands behind it to give the room a “glow.”


That means taking down the drywall we already put up and installing hooks into the ceiling beams so the door can hang from there.


1 step back, 2 steps forward…repeat it with me…1 step back, 2 steps forward!

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