Hell just froze over

I am cooking.


Correction…I am cooking AND baking.

This has never happened, and I’m not even that happy about it.

But when your very pregnant sister, who is one of your favorite humans, throws a Christmas party and needs you to bring food…you get in the kitchen.

For starters, I turned the oven on but left a bunch of pans and plastic tops in the drawer underneath.


Now, my Pyrex lid looks like this.


But I am not deterred. I will forge on…but first, a quick walk up to Arsenal Ciderhouse for some hard apple cider. Maybe that will make me a better cook!

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4 thoughts on “Hell just froze over

  1. Beth Readd says:

    Oh Courtney!!!! I have to say that your blogs keep me smiling but this last entry made me laugh!! Sorry about that but I couldn’t help it. Keep trying and it will get better, I promise! Thanks for the good laugh!!!

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