Heavy lifting, Moving In

Welcome to our treehouse

This blog is a judgement-free zone. Keep that in mind as I share with you the current state in which we live.


Our stairs are gone. They were only temporary and my husband, Mark, took them down to finish mudding and taping all the drywall downstairs.


So, how am I supposed to get upstairs??

Remember, you promised to withhold judgement. Here is my husband’s solution…


Yep, that’s a ladder and that’s how I get to my bedroom, bathroom and laundry room. If it SOUNDS and LOOKS awkward, it’s even MORE AWKWARD to LIVE like this.

Here I am with all my work bags just climbing the ladder.


And here is my view in the morning as I try to get to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.


It’s like we’re living in a treehouse…or a fort.

I feel like I have been a VERY patient wife through all of these DIY renovations, but if this “ladder thing” lasts more than a few days I will definitely throw a fit.

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