Heavy lifting, Moving In

Our family is now complete

If we sent out a Christmas card, it would look like this…


Merry Christmas from Mark, Courtney and Sally (our staircase.)

We love this staircase so much, we took 20 different pictures of it. It’s like our baby.


On Friday, our electrician, Dominic, brought over 5 burly men, and Mark and the burly men lifted the 760 pound staircase and got it up.


Mark poured concrete in the basement and put in a support post to help with the weight.

He fastened in the oak trends and covered them with paper so they don’t get ruined while we finish the downstairs.


We have a cable wire railing we’ll be putting up next. Three cheers for how it turned out and for not climbing a ladder anymore!


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13 thoughts on “Our family is now complete

  1. Bob Moran says:

    Courtney, I’ve been watching your progress since the beginning. Reminds me of our first purchase in 1972, with a lot of renovations. Then sell to bigger home, and now looking to downsize. Enjoy every moment with your husband, he’s definitely good tool man! Looking forward to the finish of your home!
    I’ll be meeting your sister at Plum High make a wish next Tuesday, representing Plum EMS. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Ken Nelson says:

    Love all your post an photos, watch Chanel 11 for the news every day for more years than I can remember. Merry Christmas an happy new year to you an yours.

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