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Life’s A Beach (Well, it WAS a beach)

My husband took his first vacation since buying and renovating our house. I begrudgingly went along with him. (HA!)


We went to the warm beaches of Longboat Key, Florida where we did absolutely no remodeling, but LOTS of sitting.


I guess we have good mojo because the weather was beautiful and hot almost every day we were there.

While we lounged, swam and played with our nephews, it was easy to forget that we had an unfinished house waiting for our return.


Reality smacked us in the face when we got back to Pittsburgh…or maybe it was the below freezing windchills.

We are happy to be home, but no renovation elves finished the house while we were gone. As I said to Mark, our next vacation will be in our FINISHED living room…we’ll pitch a tent, stare at this picture and PRETEND we’re at the beach!


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8 thoughts on “Life’s A Beach (Well, it WAS a beach)

  1. Jennifer Simpson says:


    Glad you had nice weather in Florida.
    Now you have returned to the dreary and cold winters of PA!

    P.S. I like the next idea for vacation – Camping!

  2. So glad you could go – a much needed and well-deserved break. My wife and I were in FL last week as well. It seems that neither we nor you and Mark were able to pack and bring back the warm weather. Dadgummt! 🙂

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