Heavy lifting, Moving In

My 1st order of business

As the newly minted LEAD RENOVATOR of our DIY home renovation project, my first order of business was to put on my Boss Lady glasses.


No doubt who’s in charge now, huh Mark?!

My second order of business was to call my Aunt Trudy. Aunt Trudy is married to Uncle Warren and Uncle Warren knows everyone. He’s the guy who hooked us up with our electrician, Dominic. Dominic is now part of our family, and Mark is on his weekly bowling team. 🙂

Uncle Warren put me in touch with someone who can come in and help me finish the drywall on our first floor. We’re supposed to meet early this week.

Look out…Boss Lady Courtney is ready to get. things. done.


And don’t be giving me any flack for needing some help. I am not as handy as my husband…he’s a freak of nature.

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2 thoughts on “My 1st order of business

  1. Jennifer says:

    No flack Courtney!!!
    Consider you are lucky to have someone to get good people!
    Third order of business almost done.

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