ilove2sweat gets LITERAL

Since this blog is named after my LOVE of a good sweat sesh, I am going to share with you my latest passion.


I LOVE to spin (aka indoor cycling.)

I do it all the time, and not since I played tennis and basketball in high school have I loved a sport so much!


My sister and most of my friends love to spin. We are spintastic spinners who talk about spinning all the time. (So annoying, I know)

After years of several instructor friends telling me I should become a spin teacher, I finally did it.


This past weekend, I went to an intensive 9-hour training day in Ohio that included two 90-minute rides with a master spinning instructor.


My legs are a bit wobbly today, but I got my certification. Now, I must get certified in First Aid, CPR & AED.

I already have an EPIC playlist for my first class. 🙂

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