Spinning right along

My spinning instructor training is going really well.

I’m sure many of you don’t care, and you can stop reading HERE.

My training sessions happen in the early mornings. That means I drink as much coffee as I can in my car.


Right now, I’m training with two studios…one in Shadyside and one in Mt. Lebanon. (They share my love of sweat)


Tired and sore don’t even begin to explain how I’m feeling, but the LOVE I feel on the bike makes it all worth it. I’m also obsessed with my rice cake/peanut butter/strawberry jam combo I eat after.


I start teaching my own classes in about 2 weeks.

A wise friend once told me you gotta stop thinking about it and just do it.

Or maybe I got that from Nike…I’ve been getting some pretty sweet new workout gear. 🙂

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