Moving In

The devil is ice skating.

It’s as cold in hell as it is in Pittsburgh because the unimaginable just happened.

My mother got a cellphone. Her very first one.


I immediately received her first selfie (with her favorite people).


This occasion deserves a PARADE…I’m currently scouting locations. 🙂

On the home front, Mark and I are painting this weekend and hope to refinish the downstairs floors in about 2 weeks. We are very excited.


I also taught my first spin class.


My weekday morning riders rocked the beat and rocked my HEART!

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2 thoughts on “The devil is ice skating.

  1. Don says:

    Congrats on your first class !!!!! Its great to hear someone doing something they have worked so hard for and enjoy doing. Not only your spin class but your house too. Wishing you the best !

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