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They’re like an ugly baby

Our downstairs floors, I mean. Like an ugly baby in the sense that they’re mine and I LOVE THEM.


The original pine floors on the first floor are really freaking old. Some parts were painted…don’t ask me why.


Other parts have this weird black stain on them that even the floor guy can’t explain.


One of the floor guys we talked to said that pine doesn’t stain well. It gets gooey and doesn’t spread nice and evenly.

We’re leaning toward just sanding the heck out of the floor and putting down several coats of polyurethane. Pretty soon, our floors will be pretty, and I’ll love them just the same. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “They’re like an ugly baby

  1. John Williams says:

    The black spots on pine are normally water marks that occurred over time when covered with carpet. 🙂

    Love the updates and what ya’ll are doing.


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