Moving In, Spinning

You know your husband loves you…

When he delays his basement floor hatch project to come to your Saturday morning spin class.


Mark is a road rider. He’s never taken an indoor cycling class.

We rocked out during our 60 minutes on the bike with jumps, push-ups, hills and sprints.

Mama-to-be Kelly Belly killed it while Mark struggled to finish.


Not gonna lie…I was surprised that my hubby can lift a hundred pounds of drywall but barely get through my spin class.

I think I earned a new level of respect from him.


Shout out to my friends who filled my class with AWESOME ENERGY! Whoop whoop! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “You know your husband loves you…

  1. Andrea Williams says:

    Veey different skill set 😉 impressed he went, that is a good man you have there. You two are so cute together.

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