Heavy lifting, Moving In

I’ve lost my patience

It’s gone. I’ve reached my limit. I tried to be a really good and understanding wife, but I can no longer live in a construction zone.


Mark knows that we’re coming up on our 1 year anniversary of owning this house, and it’s time to finish it so that we can actually have people over.

He started working on our basement door hatch. You’ll remember we moved the original staircase and that’s why we have a huge hole in our floor.


Mark sawed metal brackets to fit the 2 squarish pieces that will make up the hatch.


He then had plywood cut to these exact dimensions as the base of the hatch. We’re using reclaimed wood pieces from other parts of our house to go on top of the plywood.


Theoretically, the hatch will fit in seamlessly with the wood floor.

Right now, it’s going VERY WELL. Fingers crossed, people, fingers crossed.

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2 thoughts on “I’ve lost my patience

  1. Don says:

    It’s understandable with all the stress you are under right now, the house, work, your classes, and let’s not forget soon to be an Aunt in the near future. You’re look back at this in years to come and have a good laugh over it. Keep your head up and remember this too shall pass. 🙂

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