Moving In

Trust. Your. Gut.

I just couldn’t live with this darker, oil-stained wood floor.


It reminded me of an old grandmother’s house with rosary beads and doilies everywhere.

We needed it to be fixed.

So, we spent a few extra dollars and had our floor guy re-sand the entire thing. I was really glad to see that oily finish come off.


After the re-sanding, we had him put down the WATER-BASED polyurethane we used on our upstairs floors. Look at the difference…


This is a life lesson that I’ve learned before, but, apparently, I needed to go through it again.

TRUST YOUR GUT. If you think something should be done a certain way, push for it.

It’s good to consider differing opinions and to sometimes come to a consensus, but don’t ignore those gut instincts. EVER. And that goes for life in general…not just DIY home renovations. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Trust. Your. Gut.

  1. Jennifer Simpson says:

    Love the floor now! I knew you guys would figure it out! Gut instincts are always right!

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