Moving In

A farewell tour & a dude in a light up coat

Long blog title…I know…stick with me.

One of the main reasons we wanted to buy in Lawrenceville is because we wanted a walkable neighborhood.


Don’t even pretend you don’t see Mark’s bunions. It’s okay…special shoes for a special guy.

Last night was a perfect Larryville night with our first stop at Grapperia.


It’s right behind Piccolo Forno and the people who own Piccolo were tired of everyone going to Franktuary or the Round Corner Cantina while they waited for a table. Boom, Grapperia was born.

Our next stop was a bittersweet goodbye…emphasis on the bitter. Tamari on Butler Street is closing.


This is one of our FAVORITE restaurants. We don’t know where we’ll get our quail eggs wrapped in bacon or our pork belly egg roll.


Totally bummed…but we hear a pan Asian sushi place is going in there next.

We then walked to 40th and Willow for Art All Night.


We immediately felt like we were back in Asheville, North Carolina.

We saw cool art, weird art and this guy…


I tried to buy his coat but it wasn’t for sale.


As we were carousing through Lawrenceville, I met several people who follow the blog…some who are my neighbors! Gotta say, I live in a pretty cool place…we love you Larryville!

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