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The PERKS of the job!

If I would have known how much BIGGER our tax refund is now that we’re OWNERS and not RENTERS…I would have bought a house a LONG time ago!


Even with a nice refund, they say money doesn’t buy happiness. It does buy a trip to the outlets, though.


Happiness, however, comes when the home you envisioned and created in a 3D computer program…


Looks almost exactly like what you’ve built.


We’ve still got work to do. We’re working on painting our front door and threshold.


That old elevator mill door we got from a Lawrenceville artist has been stripped and cleaned.


We still have to put “light tape” on the back side so that it glows from above.

These are just small touches, but they’ll make a big aesthetic difference.

On a side note, the Pittsburgh City Paper featured my blog in their column this week.


I was sooooo flattered and totally geeked out over it! Here’s the LINK!

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